What we do

We provide in depth research on new and upcoming sectors and companies that we feel can skyrocket in value. 

Most of the stocks we cover are small cap companies that we believe have tremendous growth potential. While they have a great deal of upside, they also can be very volatile and we assist our readers in navigating the volatility.

Why we’re here

So many industries are full of outlandish money-making promises these days. It’s tough to filter through the noise and know whom to trust. That’s why at The Financial Star we set out to do something different. We’re about research, education and helping you become a better investor and changing your financial future. We dive into the story behind the stock, the methodology behind the math.

Bringing Wall Street back to Main Street… and returning an industry to its roots

When The Financial Star began, we had a vision … but more importantly we came together as a talented group who shared the same vision. This vision was to provide easy to read in-depth research for investors needing a tool to help them invest in various stocks.

We are all experts who have worked in the trenches and we grew tired of seeing investors lose hard-earned money buying into flashy promotions promising quick, mind-blowing riches.

But we also know you won’t get rich by giving your money to Morgan Stanley and Charles Schwab like everyone else. It takes out-of-the-box ideas to make returns that can truly change your family’s fortunes.

With all our collective experience, we thought we could build something much better… something more personal… and focused on making the investor money through our research data which allows investors to make their own financial decisions with the help of their investment advisors. 

Our vision is a return of this industry to its roots: real world investment education… thoroughly researched stocks… realistic but meaningful returns… and long-term relationships with our subscribers.

Editors who are actually experienced professionals

The Financial Star consists of professionals who have come together to build something so unique that investors have changed the way they consume content regarding the equity markets. They are demanding high quality content from qualified editors. We have collectively spent countless hours researching and working in the financial industry, and now want share our knowledge through our newsletter. We have a unique outlook and approach to investing… as do our readers. Our newsletters are designed with investors’ individual interests and comfort levels in mind. Whether you’re just beginning or already a seasoned trader, we’ll show you how to maximize your portfolio—with the respect you deserve.

We’re proud of our exceptional track records and earned credibility. But the thing that really distinguishes us is our dedication to our subscribers… we want to educate and empower them.

To that end, subscribers can count on original content, unique ideas and detailed analysis.

Our job is to show you investment opportunities that have the best potential to give you returns, ideas and access, thanks to our decades of experience and industry contacts.

We look forward to your loyal readership.

Happy investing!

The Financial Star Team.