Our mission at the Financial Star is to keep you ahead of the game… ahead of everybody else in the investment world when it comes to new ideas and trends.

The way we look at things is different from other newsletters and even asset managers.

When we discuss stocks and trends, we pay attention only to the most important things…

…so today, we will tell share our vision with you. This is the vision that will rule the next decades

And if you follow it, you will be ahead of thousands of professional investors. See, a lot of them are too slow to change their ways. But the investing world is changing fast.

If you position yourself and your portfolio to fit this cutting-edge approach, you will be ahead of the game.

We Prefer Sustainable Investing

This is the biggest change in the investment world. Investors and government no longer want to make money “at any cost.” They don’t care how big your return is — they want businesses and capital to flow into sustainable and “green” businesses.

But we’re not talking only about renewable energy here.

You need to understand that sustainable businesses come from all industries. There could be a sustainable mining company… a sustainable consumer goods firm… or a sustainable tech stock.

This is why we write about businesses as diverse as agriculture and mining.

In the new investment world, there’s a place for most businesses — as long as they don’t chase short-term returns at all costs.

Tomorrow’s winning companies, and stocks, will be the ones that transform themselves and make money while being mindful of the environment.

“Responsible” Companies and Funds Perform Best

Morningstar, a financial services company, reported last year that funds with good ESG (which stands for environmental, social, and governance) ratings outperformed their benchmarks more often than the funds holding companies with a risky ESG outlook.

For example, tobacco companies or oil producers could be risky. Unless, that is, they improve their ESG scores.

But as an investor, you should keep it in mind. 

And turn your attention to the companies that are already leading the ESG trend. 

The reason is simple: the future is green. And the highly-rated ESG companies did their homework before everybody else.

It makes sense to invest in the companies that will shine in the “economy of tomorrow.” 

The world is turning its back on coal and hydrocarbons. It wants clean energy and a sustainable future.

It wants farms to produce food responsibly.

And it will put money to work in new and exciting sectors… like agritech and vertical farms… plant-based food… responsible mining… artificial intelligence… and others.

As I said earlier, as the world invests in the “good” companies, they will have more money to put into their technologies… and bring a better future sooner.

The Market Is Obsessed with Sustainable Companies

You may have missed that news… but we’re monitoring the markets globally, and we noticed something strange…

In the United Kingdom, one company has just gone public… and it was the largest IPO in the country’s history.

It was valued at almost $14 billion. And the company that did it, Arrival, hasn’t generated any revenue yet. Arrival develops electric vehicles like this bus.

Yes, the market has just paid tens of billions of dollars for a company with no revenue…

Some say that it doesn’t make sense… but if you approach it from the “sustainable” perspective… it does.

We’re not saying that you should buy or sell Arrival stock. We used it as an example because it was the largest IPO in the UK’s history. 

And nobody even knew much about Arrival before its record-breaking listing.

There will be more. Early-stage companies and startups are working hard right now to make the world a better place.

In this day, they can go from nothing to tens of billions of dollars in value.

And here at the Financial Star, we’ll keep sharing our best ideas and research in this area. It’s what we’re here for. Helping you navigate the changing world of investment.

Thank you for your loyal readership,

The Financial Star team